A Flavor for Las Vegas Ultimate Frisbee

Here’s some recent posts to the Las Vegas Ultimate Yahoo Group that were worth mentioning.

Hi everyone,

Great game last night between Lights vs Darks. The game was decided on an Universe Point. The Dark team prevailed 15 to 14. We had roughly 22-23 people out last night and therefore, both team had plenty of subs. Hopefully we will have more people out next Monday!! Come out and joined the fun!! :-)

There will also be practice tomorrow (Wed) at Silver Bowl at 7:30pm. Come out to improve your skills and also to help the Vegas team prepare for the Sectionals tournament in September. Even if you are not going to the Sectionals, still come out and join us. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is welcome!!


I agree with James 100%. Last night was the most fun I’ve had playing ultimate in Vegas in a long time. It was great to have a high quality, competitive 7 v.7 (with subs!!) game going on. Last night really showed me that Vegas can and should have a thriving, improving ultimate scene and should be excited about the future.

Lets keep the momentum from last night going. Easiest way to do that, come out Wednesday night. It will be a little more structured for the first few minutes, but as long as we have enough people and, really, even if we don’t, there will be a game or two of disc played.

I also promise I won’t whip off my glasses and scream like a spoiled brat when Ken or Airbud beats me up the line or jukes me out of my cleats 8 times in a row.

Vic – I don’t know if your crew is on this email list or not, but if not can you forward James and I emails to them, or just otherwise tell them we’d love to have them out on Wednesdays as well. Thx.


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