Trouble in Vegas 2011 – The final TiV

We’d been told that TiV was off for 2011 after the last couple years getting rained out. Well, it looks like it’s back by popular demand for one more year. Here’s the email that was sent out about Trouble in Vegas 2011:
All –

The company that has put on Trouble in Vegas for the last five years is no longer together – but folks have been writing in over the last two months for asking for us to put on one final TiV.

We’ve heard you – and so we present:

The Last Trouble in Vegas
March 5-6, 2011

This is it. The last chance to become part of the legend of TiV. Last chance to hock your wedding ring for one more shot at the table, to wake up in the alley behind the Bellagio with a smile and a story, to stack your whole team into a limo to get to the fields, to make some memories, or lose yours.

Get your team together and get going. Bid window is open now and closes when we fill.

New website:

Hope to see you in Sin City.


TD, Trouble in Vegas 2011

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