Plans to Play in Sectionals

Hey everyone!

There has been a lot of questions about if we plan to do anything for Sectionals this year. Sectionals are in September so if we plan on competing then we need to get off our respective butts and get it in gear.

If you are interested in playing in Sectionals then be out for Wed Night Practice, Silver Bowl (see map), 7:30 pm. We will get a head count and run it from there. If you can’t make practice this week because you’re out of town (both Greg’s, Diego ‘del fuego’), or working late, etc then post a response. Otherwise, in order to be a tour de force, we need to have everyone out to huck, run, cut, and dive.

And don’t think that we’re pooling only from certain people!! EVERYONE is welcome, no matter your experience, ability, or perception of either. Come out cuz we’d love to have you join us. Plus, playing at Sectionals is a great experience.

Cya out there!!

Big BK (not to be confused with OGBK)

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