Monday Night “City League” Update

Here’s a good description of the last 2 weeks of Las Vegas ultimate on Monday night’s out at Silver Bowl complex:
I must say, the past two weeks have been particularly fun.
Competitive, high level Ultimate played right at the silverbowl and we
didn’t have to invite a tournament of 90 teams to see it. Red finally
loses it’s first game, going down 12-13 on universe after storming
back from 11-6 to take a 12-11 lead.

Red’s halftime cheer really got them going, it was the sort of cheer
champions are made of. A change in defensive philosophy, executed
beautifully by our women also probably helped.

Ultimately it was an exceptional night by white’s handlers that proved
too much to overcome. Well done everybody.

Lots of fun. See you all soon.

Air Bud

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