Summer League 2012 Teams

I did my best to divide the teams as evenly as possible. I ranked each player as low, medium, and high based on what they said when they registered and a few corrections for people like Diego that think they’re only average. Then, I went down the list assigning them to a team. You’ll see that Chad, Kilkenny, and Greg are the captains of each team.

Everyone should show up tomorrow from 7-9. A nice two hours of ultimate fun and exercise. Also, you’ll need to sign a sheet for the team your on tomorrow as well. You should see it being passed around.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

Team 1 – Chad Sellmer
Robyn Ridley
Justine H
Jasmine Jia
Juan Garcia
Chris Hall
Grant Kelly
Roland Maertens
Alex Kale
Kerry Moseman
Chad Sellmer
Diego Johnson
Julio C

Team 2 – Brian Kilkenny
Nicole Hammond
Felcia Chen
Destiny (Hao)
Andrew Cassidy
Nat Hammond
Shao-Pow Lin
Jeff Richey
Jon Darrow
Brian Kilkenny
Christopher Pastore
Andrew Ueeck
David Beisecker

Team 3 – Greg Woods
Hillary Campos
Megan Lovelace
Amanda Morris
Mark E
Troy Jones
Jacob Long
Hao Yang
Brian Kircher
John Lynn
Jay Romo
Greg Woods
Kevin Conant

P.S. If your name is spelled wrong, I’m sorry. I typed the list quite late last night.

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