Summer League 2012 Schedule

Here’s the schedule for summer league.
Team 1 – Chad’s Team (white)
Team 2 – Kilkenny’s Team (red)
Team 3 – Greg’s Team (yellow)

Date 7-8PM 8-9PM
6/20/2012 1v3 1v2
6/25/2012 2v1 2v3
6/27/2012 3v1 3v2
7/2/2012 1v2 1v3
7/4/2012 4th of July
7/9/2012 2v3 2v1
7/11/2012 3v2 3v1
7/16/2012 1v3 1v2
7/18/2012 2v1 2v3
7/23/2012 3v1 3v2
7/25/2012 Tournament
7/30/2012 Tournament

Whoever the team is that’s playing the first game will do a pickup game on the other field from 8-9. That way any visitors that want to play with us this summer can show up at 8 to play.

Let me know if something doesn’t look quite right or if you have any questions.

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