Summer League Tournament Standings and Format

The following are the standings after the regular season for summer league:
1. Team Jake Long (yellow)
2. Team Felicia Up (red)
3. Team Desert Big Horn (white)

Based on these standings, the games for the tournament will be as follow (using the rankings from above):
Wednesday, 7/25
7:00 – 1 (yellow) v 2 (red)
8:00 – 1 (yellow) v 3 (white)

Monday, 7/30
7:00 – 2 (red) v 3 (white)
8:00 – Finale – Top 2 Teams from the Round Robin

Also, we’re talking about when to do pickup after league. We’ve done it on Monday night in the past, but we’re considering moving it to Tuesday night since we have pickup on Saturday and Sunday already. I started the discussion on Facebook about it, so go to the LV Ultimate Facebook group to vote for Monday or Tuesday.

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