Las Vegas Ultimate Board

The Las Vegas Ultimate board is committed to doing our best to make sure your experience in the LV Ultimate Community is positive.

Your LV Board Members (elected Spring 2017):

Matt Overstreet: Director of the Board
Dara Khan: Secretary & Treasurer
Cole Osborn: Community Outreach & Social Events Coordinator
Cassara Higgins: Pickup Director
Molly Ferree: Women’s Director & Marketing Director
Richard Dana: Tournament Director
Michael O’Brien: Youth Director
Nick Budnick: League Coordinator
Greg Woods: President

Please reach out to the board at with any questions or concerns.

Las Vegas Ultimate Community Complaint Process

The Las Vegas Ultimate Board is committed to providing a safe and welcoming community for all persons to learn, improve, and grow through Ultimate. If you have any issues or concerns with a member of the ultimate community please fill out a formal complaint here.

This complaint form serves as an official record for the LV Ultimate Board. Along with filling out the form, feel free to contact any of the board members, all listed below. Incidents that warrant a complaint are not limited to the field but may occur at social events, outside of LV Ultimate events, or online.